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  1. Daniel September 18, 2015 8:17 am #

    that). It’s funny you mention Aftermath. I left Red Light District a culpoe of weeks ago to hop over and help Huntingwolf with a start up guild he has with someone from Hounds of Tindalos. RLD were a good bunch but I felt like the new kid at High School coming in during the last grade where everyone already has best friends and tons of inside stories.Ninefold Dragons has been great so far. It’s a mix of casual and raiders (and even PVPers) with us fielding our own 10man raids. Despite leaning towards raiding a little more at this moment, the atmosphere is very helpful with us running Heroics, dungeons and other things to help out. I’d still like to hit up some of the older raid zones at some point but haven’t made the time to organize that. Now that I’m done working up the cash for my mount, I should have some time for that.My 6-year old is playing now too. He’s got a Ret Pally up to 54 (hehe) and likes some of the simpler aspects of it. He’s running around the Plaguelands (going eeew ) clobbering skeletons and ghouls. He loves how those fall apart when they die.If you ever get the itch to come back you should give us a try. That goes for some of the others that lurk here. I don’t want to recruit people already in a guild that might be content so I’m not pushing people.

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